Beeline Coffee

Beeline filter and bean coffee is freshly roasted and packed by our roasters in London therefore maintaining its ultimate freshness and flavour. Our filter coffee is made of the finest Arabica and Columbia Excelso beans ground to suit all filter coffee machines. Our bean coffee is unique consisting of Arabica and Robusta delivering a strong full-bodied coffee to suit all bean to cup machines.
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Beeline Filter Coffee

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Traditional Blend Filter Coffee 

Pure Arabica, a dark roasted blend of central American and Brazil coffees, low acidity, medium bodied, with nutty and bakery notes.

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Colombian Blend Filter Cofee 

Columbia Excelso beans – caramel and almond, medium acidity, mellow and smooth, medium-high body.

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Classic Blend Filter Coffee

A complex medium/dark blend delivering a strong, full bodied coffee. Aromatic and satisfying with notes of pastry, caramel and dark chocolate.

Beeline Coffee Beans

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Italian Blend Coffee Beans

A complex medium-roasted blend of Arabica and Robusta delivering a strong, full bodied coffee. Aromatic and satisfying, with layers of flavour including notes of caramel and dark chocolate.

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Premium Blend Coffee Beans

Pure Arabica blend, noticeable characteristic “nutty” Colombian taste with full/darker flavour, some dark chocolate notes, medium acidity and body.

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Classic Espresso Blend Coffee Beans 

Strong and pungent blend of Arabica with a little Robusta for strength and body, well balanced with some fruity and berry notes.