Classic Water Coolers

These classic water coolers are cost effective, simple and a compact design. The new dispensing height can fill large bottles, sports bottles and has an easily removable drip tray for cleaning.
These water coolers come in a bottle or plumbed-in style and is available in hot & cold and cook & cold. They are available for purchase and rental options, please click on the link below to make an enquiry.

Hot N’ Cold – 1-piece hot tank: BPO1SHS

Hot N’ Cold – 2-piece hot tank: BPD1SHS

Cook N’ Cold: BPD1SK

Product Features:
  • Stylish, contemporary, durable polyethylene dent and rust-free cabinet
  • Available in Hot N’ Cold and Cook N’ Cold
  • Stylish design in black or bright white
  • Stainless Steel Reservoir
  • Heavy-duty plastic cabinet won’t dent or rust
  • Easy to service
Product Features:
  • Tough, durable, large drip tray
  • Patented WaterGuard® prevents spilling during bottle change and keeps dirt from entering the reservoir
  • Handle on back enables easy transport and placement
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 for low lead content
  • Energy star rated
  • UL listed

Classic ‘Bottled’ Cooler

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Classic ‘Plumbed In’ cooler

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Classic ‘Counter Top’ Bottled Cooler

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Classic ‘Plumbed In’ Cooler

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