Hand towels and rolls

centre pull hand towels

2400 sheets Approx (400 sheets/roll)
•2 Ply 
Material: Blue recycled paper 100% recycled materials
Can be used with most hand towel and centre feed dispensers
Great to use at Offices, Work Shops, Kitchens, Bathrooms
Ideal for general wiping down and cleaning up of spills

Pack contains:
6 Rolls

green paper hand towels

These C-Fold Green Hand Towel Sheets are ideal for businesses and consumers alike, being ultra soft and highly absorbent.

They also have a strong when wet design and are a hygienic solution to drying hands quickly and effectively.

Type: C-Fold 1 Ply (thickness)
Dimensions: 220 x 330mm
Box contains:
2800 Towels

tork hand towels white

These premium soft hand towel rolls are for use with Tork Matic dispensers to create an hygienic dispensing system suitable for all washrooms. Large, soft 2 ply sheets are dispensed one at a time to reduce consumption and waste. This pack contains six 100 metre long rolls for long lasting use.
•Very Soft and strong TAD
•Highly absorbent: dries quickly and thoroughly
•A large number of towels on each roll: less frequent refilling needed
•Easy handling features: easy to open, easy to flatten and easy to carry away
•2 Ply White

Box contains:
6 Rolls

toilet rolls
toilet roll, toilet rolls, toilet tissue

Pack contains:
24 Rolls

kitchen rolls

Pack contains:
 Roll Pack

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