WMF Coffee Machines

Quality coffee solutions for the workplace

WMF coffee machines are the optimum choice wherever 10 to 1000 speciality coffees are consumed per day.

The best quality and a huge range of choice

WMF coffee machines are designed to make the perfect coffee every time. They feature many different programming options so that you can vary your coffee to enjoy your favourite bean varieties and specialities. WMF offers a wide selection of speciality coffees both with and without milk, from ristretto to cappuccino, at the touch of a button. Innovative technologies create the perfect result every time – always freshly ground, not capsuled.

Minimal maintenance

With an intuitive operating concept, large capacities and cleanliness, the machines require minimal maintenance. Integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes ensure perfect cleanliness– and delicious coffee – at the touch of a button.

Fully Automatic Coffe Machines


For small, medium and high demand – we have what you are looking for. Our claim: the quality must always be right and we want to do justice to your ambience with an eye-catcher. Explore the product world of WMF fully automatic coffee machines.

Recommended maximum daily output: up to 350 cups


•Up to 4 grinders

•Up to 10″ colour touch display

•Heavy-duty brewer

•Automatic height-adjustable spout

•Cup sensor

•Easy maintenance

•Automatic cleaning

•WMF SmartRemote app


•WMF 9000 S+

•WMF 5000 S+

•WMF 1500 S+

•WMF 1500 S Classic

•WMF 1300 S

•WMF 1100 S

Filter Coffee Machines


Freshly brewed – for true coffee lovers! Fine, fresh filter coffee. In order to achieve the full flavour of perfect filter coffee, not only is the quality of the coffee and water crucial, but the finely tuned interplay of the brewing temperature and brewing time are also important.

Recommended maximum daily output: up to 1000 cups


•Up to 10″ colour touch display

•Grounds disposal

•Hot water output

•Coffee dispensing of single cups or small pots

•Easy maintenance

•Automatic cleaning

•WMF SmartRemote app


•WMF 9000 F (External or Internal Storage)

•WMF 1200 F

WMF Espresso


Bridging the gap between two different worlds, the award-winning WMF espresso combines the unmistakeable taste of tradition with the undeniable benefits of automation. It looks and sounds like a classic portafilter machine – steaming, hissing and evoking all the emotions of an authentic espresso bar – but the trickier parts of the process are fully automated. So it not only guarantees consistently high coffee quality, it’s also remarkably easy to use. Recommended for venues with an average daily requirement of 300 cups, it lets you prepare genuine espresso coffee and Café Crème in just a few simple moves.

Recommended maximum daily output: up to 300 cups


•Traditional machine look and feel


•2 integrated grinders & automatic tamping

•Air-cooled bean hoppers

•Automatic or traditional milk foam preparation

•Dual height-adjustable cup trays

•Heatable cup storage

•Parallel coffee and hot water preparation

•WMF SmartRemote app

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